We will record all of the fun of Grad Night with additional focus on getting every student in the video. Our talented team will be hidden away on-site editing the video behind the scenes. When the night is over the video will be complete and ready to show on a big screen. How is that for instant gratification!? The students will love seeing themselves and their friends celebrating their graduation. Grad Night will end with a fun, entertaining and moving Emotion Picture of the night that is sure to be a big hit. But that is not all

Additionally, every student will receive a 'code' that they can use to download the video on to their own computer (Mac and PC)! No more DVDs that get lost or damaged, no longer will some get the video and others not. Every attendee will have a digital video file that they can use as they wish, play it on their computer. make their own DVD, post it on Facebook, even load it on their smartphone!

This new service does cost more of course than the traditional DVD service since more personnel and technology are involved. However the video is no longer just a keepsake it is now a huge part of the evening's entertainment. We suspect schools will add the video to their entertainment budget and not charge the students individually as they did for DVDs, and of course now every student will have the video. Another option is to have a small increase in the ticket price to offset the cost of the video on the entertainment budget. However you decide to allot for the service we are confident it will add value to the Grad Night experience and leave a lasting impression for every student. The cost is $3000.00.