Coming of age, a challenging accomplishment, a family celebration that will be remebered for a lifetime, and therefore worthy of professional videography

Sure most family activities you can capture with your own camera, but when the family is celebrating an event like this you want to be a part of it. Just because you own an awesome video camera doesn’t mean you want to be responsible for documenting an event that you should be enjoying.

When it comes to covering the day with videography you have two options; one videographer or two. The details are described below.

HD Digital Broadcast Cameras, Professional Digital Recording and Editing, Low Light Capable Equipment, Wireless Microphones, Unobtrusive Technique, Custom Computer Graphics,,Musical Backgrounds of Your Choice, 3 DVDs of Edited Master.

2 VIDEOGRAPHERS RECORD: Ceremony and Reception. NO Time Limits, NO Location Restrictions, Third Ceremony Camera. $3200.00

1 VIDEOGRAPHER RECORDS: Ceremony and Reception. 6 Hours of coverage, NO Location Restrictions, Second Ceremony Camera. $2200.00

Enhance this once in a lifetime experience by saying something special about your son or daughter. Consider one of the options offered below as a part of the actual coverage of the mitzvah day. These montages and video shorts can also be produced in advance to be shared with your guests on the day.

PHOTO MONTAGE: Is comprised of pictures you provide from birth until now. Set to the music of your choice and enhanced with graphic text and digital transitions, this photo montage portrays a young life in progress and maturation. $3 per photo & $10 per song.

MUSIC VIDEO: Music Videos are the novelettes of our day. Through this contemporary medium, stories are told and shared with images, music and lyrics. Tell and share a story featuring your child with their own custom produced music video, set to the song of their choice, shot on location and produced in music video fashion. Immortalize this time in your child’s life with a music video that depicts his/her interests, personality and style. $1200.00

CANDLE LIGHTING TRIBUTE VIDEO: This video is designed to bring due honor to those you’ve chosen to be a part of the candle lighting ceremony and in the process, entertain your guests. Often this most significant event of the party is perceived as the least interesting. This uniquely produced tribute interlaced with anecdotes of dates, places and memories, will recreate on tape the events and relationships that your child and family hold dear. As simple as photos set to music with dialogue, or more elaborate presentations; either way your loved ones will be both honored and entertained. $1350.00

CONCEPT VIDEO: Not for the faint of heart, but for those who want to go the extra mile to entertain their family and friends. You will work with an experienced Hollywood film producer to make a “mini-movie” starring your child, their friends and maybe family members too as supporting cast! From elaborate Music Video storylines to TV Show or Movie plot spoofs, the sky is the limit. We will combine creativity and state of the art technology to produce a video that will have jaws dropping, eyes popping and surely evoke a standing ovation. Price Varies.

HIGHLIGHTS MONTAGE: A collection of video highlights from the entire day artistically set to the song of your choice that captures the most special moments of your day and concludes your video with a touch of class. $400.00

Click Here to see a sample Bat Mitzvah Highlights Video